SAE 30
TBN 30


TRIBO SAE 30 TBN 30 is a trunk piston engine oils, it is formulated from high latest additives technology and high quality of base oils to meet the latest design of medium speed diesel engines burning residuals fuels in marine application and stationary engines. It is specially designed to provide a higher stress level during continuous operation. It provide engine outstanding cleanness in all weather conditions and longer engine life.


  •  Excellent water resistance
  • Very good thermal and high temperature resistance.
  •  Reduce build up deposits in the engine to provide reduction in the engine maintenance cost.
  •  Double wear protection due to the oil film strength at high pressure during operation.
  • Very good viscosity control, oxidation resistance will less top-ups and no contamination with residual fuel.
  • Special inhibitors prevent corrosion caused by sea water and salt fog, as well as aggressive environmental influences in the hold.


  • Application:

    It is recommended for use in new modern marine and stationary medium & low speed Diesel Engines using low residual fuels. It meets most of the engine manufacturer, WÄRTSILÄ, Caterpillar, Yanmar, Daihatsu and MAN Diesel.